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The Afghanistan committee has been working for a peaceful Afghanistan through 40 years. Through our projects, we support the Afghan people in the development of a democratic and equal society without poverty.

We are committed to working for equal rights, and to give both genders the possibility to make their own decisions about their lives overall and their sexual and reproductive health more specifically.

Women’s access to education, healthcare and work is fundamental to achieving the goal of good health and quality of life for all.

Children and adolescents, regardless of gender, background or functional ability, have equal access to free education in all schools the Afghanistan committee works with our goal is an inclusive school for all children in Afghanistan.

With your help, we can elevate the quality of life for people in the Afghan countryside, through our projects in education, health, the environment and sustainability.

By becoming a donor, you are helping to support afghans in rural areas, where the needs are the greatest.

The best way to support our work is to become a regular donor. Monthly contributions from our donors provide us with financial stability and predictability in our work.

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