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Our Work: Gender and human rights

/Aktuelt/ Dato: 11.07.2017

Doing development without principles is to work without moral structure - there is nothing that binds, shapes or guides. NAC bases all of its work on principles of human rights, and gender equity and equality. A key aspect of this is championing the rights of Afghan women and girls to participate equally in all aspects of Afghan society. Les mer

Solidarity, peace and development

/Prosjekt/ Dato: 11.07.2017

For Afghanistan to succeed, the Afghan government, the people of Afghanistan and civil society must work together, honestly and transparently, towards the common goals of peace, justice and sustainable development. And we, the international community must continue our support to ensure that all Afghans, regardless of gender, abilities, disabilities, and social, ethnic, language and religious backgrounds are included in the development process. Les mer

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